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Welcome to the website of NOTS radio. NOTS radio originated with the idea that there is more then just the singles/hits that you hear on the radio or in the media. Hence the name NOTS "Not Only The Singles" radio.  

A music album usually consists of nine or ten songs, two or three songs of those songs are released as a single. In our opinion, the songs not released as single from an album are also interesting to play. We are looking for these songs to let people know that there is more than just the singles. 

In order to create an even and laid-back vibe, there is extensive searching and listening to 'new' songs that fit into the concept of NOTS radio before being placed in the playlist. We love experimental music and look for new sounds, but try to keep it in the relaxed vibe. 

In addition, we see/hear that the talent and quality of musicians and producers in the present music landscape is very high, especially with the emergence of better software, more explanation on YouTube and better possibilities to record music on their own. Unfortunately we do not hear much from the current regime, and we hope to have more unknown acts/bands in our playlist. 

The vision of NOTS Media is to bring variation and to bring forth more unfamiliar work that has potential to touch emotions, inspire us to make music or be creative, for example, or just relax and listen to it. 

With donations, the sound quality can be improved, the number of slots increased (number of listening listeners at the same time), new music is sought & more promotion for the radio. 

It is also important to continue to exist, so we will look carefully at where we use donations for and when we are going to 'upgrade'. 

When an upgrade occurs or has occurred, it will be made known by means of a message (above).  

NOTS radio is part of Stichting NOTS Media. De foundation started in the beginning of 2019. 

The reason that Stichting NOTS Media is set up is overarching to NOTS radio is to have the ability to provide more media channels with our vision in the future.

Data Stichting NOTS Media;  

We made a mix with some tracks from our big playlist: NOTS radio on mixcloud.

Unfortunately Tunein doesn't add new radio stations to their catalogue, so we can't add ours. How to listen to us thru Sonos, use the app MyTuner, see links below:

NOTS radio on MyTuner:

MyTuner mobile app:

NOTS radio can be found and listen too thru other channels, like Streema or Simple Radio, see links below:

NOTS radio op Streema:

Streema mobile app:

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